M&A Consulting

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) stands for all kind of transactions concerning companies, be it pure mergers (relatively seldom), sales and acquisitions of companies.

Whereas in former times the pure brokerage of companies were the primary task of a M&A expert, nowadays the management and consultancy of the whole M&A process is absolutely mandatory for a professional M&A advisor.

Actually M&A processes on average take 9-12 months until closing; larger assignments can even take longer.


Sell Side Advisory

Selling a business is a uniquely significant undertaking, especially for family-run companies with a high level of personal involvement. Every company sale needs to be prepared carefully. Analysing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the given company (SWOT analysis) as well as assessing the acquisition interest of potential buyers worldwide constitute the key issues for determining the company valuation and the feasibility of the company sale.

Our experienced professionals are on hand to assist you from the initial company value estimate and transaction feasibility assessment through to the organization of the due diligence process (setting up a virtual data room), the negotiation and  signing of the sale purchase agreement (spa) up to the closing, i.e. payment of the purchase price. We guarantee thorough and continuous advisory support throughout every step of the entire deal.

Integrity and discretion our top priority in everything we do

… after all, selling a business is a matter of trust. Our policy is therefore to engage only experienced professionals to guide the entire sale process from the initial contact through to the transaction closing. Among other factors, the strategy and design of the selling process depend upon the size and market position of the company, the number of potential buyers as well as the seller’s need for confidentiality. We therefore differentiate between:

  • exclusive negotiation with only one optimal buyer
  • targeted negotiations with a limited number of potential buyers
  • a controlled auction, in which numerous potential buyers are contacted, and the selling process follows a strict time schedule

See also article by Xaver Zimmerer:

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Buy Side Advisory

We provide comprehensive support in acquiring businesses both within Germany and abroad. Our services cover all aspects of business enterprise acquisition – we search for appropriate targets, establish direct contact to the owners, appraise the company value, support the due diligence, conduct the spa negotiations and guide the transaction to a successful closing.

Due to our decades of activity in the German market, we hold personal ties to a large number of companies and entrepreneurs in all industries. We frequently know owners and their advisors from past dealings and are well-informed about their views and attitudes towards a possible sale. Thanks to our extensive archives – comprised of over 20,000 company files accumulated over many decades – we can often quickly identify the best way to approach a potential target.

In cross-border buy-side engagements we cooperate with our partners, who leverage their excellent networks within their local markets to help us find the optimum channel for addressing a desired company.