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Founded in 1958 by Dr. h.c. Walter Scheel, Gerhard Kienbaum and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Carl Zimmerer, InterFinanz is now managed by Xaver Zimmerer and Marcia Zimmerer.

With decades of experience, we offer deep knowledge and keen expertise in all major industries. Our seasoned team of professionals has been active with InterFinanz for an average of 15 years.

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  • a global network of corporate buyers

M&A in times of the Ukraine war

As of June 29, 2022

Despite of the Covid pandemic the German M&A market developped quite strong throughout whole 2021 and the purchase price level reached an all time high.

Main reasons for the strong M&A market in 2021 were the strong recovery of the economy and the high liquidity triggered from the zero interests policy of the central banks.

This all abruptedly changed with the start of the Russian invasion in the Ukraine on February 20, 2022, which caused a strong increase of the oil and gas prices. 

Additionally at the end of February a Covid outbreak in China led to a hard lockdown in Shanghai and other important Chinese cities , which caused worldwide delivery interruptions.

The already high inflation in Germany of 4,9% in January therefore jumped in May up to 7,9% and ecpectedly could increase further.

The high inflation worldwide forced the central banks to stop their low interest policy.

Not surprisingly that also affected the German M&A market. The demand for profitable companies remained still high, but due to the higher interest rates the purchase price level started to shrink.

Anyway, growing profitable companies with a good future outlook are still highly priced, but the sellers must accept that for most other companies the peak purchase price level of 2021 will modestly come down in 2022 and 2023.

Should you plan to sell your business in the near future, please contact us. We will inform you in a cost free first talk about the prospects of a sale of your company, the actual value of your business and when will be the best timing for your sale.