As one of the oldest and leading independent M&A advisory firms in Germany, we specialize in full-service advice on sales and acquisitions of medium-sized (Mittelstand) enterprises and corporate divestitures. Transactions supported by us typically have enterprise values in a range of EUR 10 to 250 million.

Founded in 1958 by Dr. h.c. Walter Scheel, Gerhard Kienbaum and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Carl Zimmerer, InterFinanz is now managed by Xaver Zimmerer and Marcia Zimmerer.

With decades of experience, we offer deep knowledge and keen expertise in all major industries. Our seasoned team of professionals has been active with InterFinanz for an average of 15 years.

 We offer

  • over 50 years of broad experience in successful mergers and acquisition transactions
  • a highly motivated and longstanding team of professionals
  • direct contacts to the key decision makers in the SME sector, as well as numerous corporations, investors and banks
  • a high level of industry expertise and comprehensive know-how
  • a transparent, fair and predominantly success-based fee system
  • a global network of corporate buyers

Corona Pandemic

as of February 9, 2021

The German M&A market recovered quite quick in 2020, totally different to the last major recession in 2009. After the strong slump in the first half year, the second half year showed a strong rebound similar to the stock exchanges.

What were the major drivers therefore?

Other than in 2009 the interest rates did not increase but with the help of the federal reserve banks (ECB and Fed) remained on their all time low.

The German government gave generous support to the affected companies, be it as unsecured loans, be it as direct subsidies and offered a limitless short time work program for at least one year.

Therefore the government increased its new debt to a former unknown level und declared its will to support the industry as long as necessary. All major other industry countries did more or less the same, so that the finance markets were flush with money.

In addition the development of vaccines dramatically accelerated, so that the markets expected the approval of several vaccines until the yearend, what proved to be realistic.

The financial investors were the first, who recognized the near end of the pandemic and rushed on the takeover targets on the market. That led to an increase of the purchase price level, something which never happened in a recession before.

Due to the case that a lot of sellers postponed their sales due to the pandemic, the total number of M&A deals in 2020 still did not reach the size of 2019 despite the favorable price increase. But for the coming years we expect a new high on the German deal market. The slow vaccination in the EU will only temporarily postpone the full recovery.

So should you plan to sell your company, please give us a call. We will tell you in a first meeting (cost free), if your company is saleable, what could be the purchase price range and if it is now or later the best time to start a selling process.